Review: Mozo Black Golf Flip Case For Lumia 950

mozo black golf

I hate cases for phones in general, they always seem to get in the way and make a phone more awkward in the hand. There are exceptions, for example the iPhone 6 / 6S is awful in the hand without the addition of a case of some sort – I use the Apple brown leather cover which manages to improve the tactile sensation without adding too much bulk; whilst the impossibly slippy S6 wears a polycarbonate Incipio cover. So much for building phones out of premium materials.

So how about the Lumia 950? Universally panned for its cheap build at launch, despite the phone being all about the new technology Microsoft had squeezed inside, the functional chassis and removable rear cover allowed Microsoft to offer a much better case and over option than most competing phones. At launch a partnership with Finnish case maker Mozo promised the ability to change the feel of your phone to make it suit almost anybody’s taste.

The premise of each cover is the same, it replaces the back case of your 950, including the sides and buttons, creating a new, premium look and feel. Their are options for different colours and finishes of leather; as well as the choice between rear cases and a couple of alternate flip case styles.

The case I have here is the Black Golf Flip case, which replaces the rear cover with a very pleasant leather one, which covers your screen and flips down to reveal your device and a single card slot in the screen cover. Around the sides a very nice set of buttons match the original rear cover in their quality of operation, whilst the whole device is circled by a chrome, metalised band that make the whole phone look a lot more premium. The case is held shut by a pair of magnets embedded in a discreet flap the doesn’t extend past the top of the device, allowing the 950 to be placed flat on a desk.

Cut outs for the camera, flash, speakers and microphones are all perfectly aligned and the case adds very little to the overall size of the device. It feels good in the hand when closed and not too intrusive when open.

As I said at the top of this post, I hate cases on phones. For the Mozo I’ll make an exception. Even though it introduces a layer of obstruction between a user and device (as all flip covers do) it is otherwise a very discreet and pleasant case to hold and to look at.

If you’re planning on keeping your 950 for a while (and considering Microsoft’s Windows Mobile roadmap you might need to) this case is a great way of ensuring it stays as pristine as the day it left the factory.


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