Review: Monument Browser For Windows 10 Mobile


MIcrosoft’s Edge browser received a powerful upgrade in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, bringing new features, extensions and a hefty performance improvement. I’ve been using it as my preferred desktop browser since the release and I haven’t missed Firefox in the slightest.

On Windows 10 Mobile Edge didn’t receive quite the boost that it got on the desktop.

Monument Browser, a universal app, fills in those gaps on mobile nicely. It offers ad blocking – always more important on a mobile where data is more likely to be metered – and, praise be, the option to disable Javascript.

This latter addition is key. If you really want to see how fast the internet can be on any mobile, download a browser that allows you to disable Javascript and watch the web fly. With ads and Javascript disabled Monument is a slick, speedy browsing experience.

Yes there are some web pages that won’t load properly or at all, but you can either switch to Edge to view them, or just abandon those sites altogether.

The only downside with Monument is that there is no way of syncing your favourites, so you might have to go through the tedious process of recreating all of your bookmarks to get best value out of it.

That aside though, I’d definitely say that Monument is worthy of a place on your Windows 10 Mobile.

Download Monument Browser from the Windows 10 Store


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