No, Microsoft Isn’t Blocking Linux Installs On Signature PCs


Oh look, another nonsense story that doesn’t begin to approach the truth or do anything other than attempt to damage Microsoft and Lenovo’s reputation amongst those not savvy enough to detect tech BS.

In this case we’re being told that Microsoft Windows Signature Edition prevents other OS’s being installed onto laptops as a replacement.

So reasons why this is nonsense. One, Signature Edition, that famously non-existent version of Windows, is a actually the Microsoft Signature program, and what it does is offer customers the opportunity to buy PCs direct from Microsoft free from any third-party bloatware. Windows 10 on these machines is the same as Windows 10 on non-Signature versions of these machines.

Two, Microsoft has embraced OSS under Satya Nadella and frankly, once a machine has been purchased with its attendant Windows 10 licence I’m sure Microsoft don’t care what you do with it.

Thirdly, I’m not even sure how Windows could technically prevent the installation of another OS. That’s generally the domain of the BIOS or UEFI boot managers.

Actually a little bit of intelligence and inquisition would have provided the answer to this. According to Lenovo, SSD manufacturers are migrating to a RAID-based design for new disks (presumably in order to do some clever wear levelling trickery) and the reason why the laptops in question won’t install Linux is that drivers for the new technology don’t exist for Linux yet.

Nothing to with Microsoft, Lenovo, Windows or the Signature Program.

There is a story here and it’s more about how the need for clicks, ad impressions and even viewers has driven news sites, media and even respected new organisations to rush to publish rumours and hearsay without even doing the most basic of fact checking.


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