New HP Ad Touts Elite x3 And Its PC Power

HP has managed to turn in a pretty attractive ad for the pretty attractive Elite x3, and although it’s well targeted at its likely business market, the absence of any mention of Windows 10 suggests that it isn’t going to raise the overall profile of the Windows Mobile platform.

There are a couple of questionable items in the ad too. The Power of a PC? Continuum is good and when using it the only time you remember that you aren’t using a PC is when you stumble into one of those limitations that running on a smartphone brings. However performance is definitely down on a PC, even the weediest Atom powered device would outperform any Snapdragon powered smartphone.

Also I’d have to question what HP means by tablet versatility. I can’t really see how this particular claim can be justified. At a minimum I’d say that Microsoft would have to enable system-wide landscape mode in the same way that Android and iPads have to claim even the minimum of ‘tablet versatility’.

Nevertheless, it’s hard not to be impressed with the way that HP has presented its Windows Mobile in this ad. Not quite up to Apple standard, but certainly a league better than Microsoft’s recent efforts.


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