New Chrome Build Improves Battery Performance, Still Lags Behind Microsoft’s Edge


Microsoft’s video demonstrating the superior battery performance of a Surface Book running the Edge browser against similar machines running Chrome, Opera and Firefox brought an immediate response from Opera. Google’s Chrome team had no response and now we know why. They were working to fix the battery consumption issues that they were well aware of.

Today’s new release of Chrome brings a significant improvement in battery performance in Google’s own tests, however based on the two comparatives, it would appear that Chrome still lags behind Edge in outright power consumption performance.

With NetMarketShare’s latest report showing that battery life concerns aren’t putting people off using Chrome – its market share rose above 50% in the latest set of figures – it is perhaps as well that Google is making the effort to improve Chrome’s performance in this area.

After all even the smallest improvement, when aggregated across three quarters of a billion PCs adds up to a significant reduction in global power demand and I don’t believe there’s anybody out there who would argue that isn’t a good thing.


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