Microsoft Tweaks Website To Better Promote All Windows 10 Mobile Devices

microsoft store

Microsoft has made a small, but important tweak to its US website, replacing the Lumia brand with Windows phone (note the lower case ‘p’) across the home page and store page menu bars.

On the face of it this could be taken as further evidence that Microsoft sees no future in its Lumia brand, and that may be the case, but it doesn’t appear to be the primary reason for this change. By widening the focus, Microsoft is able to showcase devices from third party OEMs – for example the HP Elite x3 sits front and centre of Microsoft’s product page at the moment.

With Acer and Alcatel expected to bring further high end Windows 10 Mobile devices to market, as well as a broader range of OEMs providing low end and mid range handsets, it’s clear that Microsoft is at least paying lip service to its strategy of promoting devices from its partners.

Whether that means that Lumia is dead, a Surface Phone is coming or Microsoft’s focus on mobile in the next major Windows 10 release will blow us all away isn’t obvious and it would be wrong to jump to conclusions based on the flimsy evidence of a minor website change.

However I’m going to assume its a positive move on Microsoft’s part, unless until the point that evidence proves me wrong.


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