Microsoft Band Is No More, Further Signs Of Mobile Exit

band 2

Microsoft is reported to have disbanded its Band fitness tracker team, indicating that the Band 2 will not have a successor. Reporting on official and unofficial conversations with Microsoft Mary Jo Foley writes on her ZDNet blog that queries about the Band met only with a response that Microsoft remains committed to its Health platform.

The Band hasn’t been a huge success for Microsoft, but owners seem to be extremely happy with the device’s capability. It hasn’t really sold well to Android and iPhone owners, but then that isn’t really its reason for existing.

I believe that the Band was Microsoft’s response to the absence of quality fitness trackers that supported the Windows Mobile platform well… or even at all.

The death of the Band has greater implications then. If Microsoft no longer feels the need to push a fitness tracker for its mobile platform it means the company is retrenching from the consumer market completely. That would explain the dearth of consumer friendly phones from third parties.

To me this is further evidence that there will be no Surface Phone. Competing with HP for enterprise sales in such a small niche makes no sense for anyone, and a consumer / enthusiast phone just became an even more difficult sell.


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