Microsoft All But Confirms Surface Phone, Commits To Windows 10 Mobile – Just Not For Consumers

slidedeck for business

Presenting at Microsoft’s Ignite conference, Windows 10 Mobile Product Manager Alan Meeus committed the company to future first-party Windows Mobile devices, more or less confirming the future existence of a Surface Phone. However although the presentation made it very clear that Windows 10 Mobile was still a key part of Microsoft’s thinking, it also very specifically excluded any future consumer level interest.

Business was very much the topic of the presentation, with lots of reasons why enterprise customers might choose to go with a Windows Mobile in future. The HP Elite x3 featured heavily in the presentation, as did items of enterprise interest.

Excluding the consumer from the platform doesn’t feel like wise option though. Consumers influence corporate purchasing decisions where phones are concerned and with the deeper penetration of BYOD into enterprise it seems like Microsoft doubling down on a weak strategy.

When Microsoft announced the Lumia 950 / XL as phones for the Windows Mobile enthusiast last yeat  I don’t believe that anyone realised that this might be the last Windows phones not laced up into a business suit. Turns out that may be the case though.


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