iPhone 7 Battery Is 10% Bigger – That’s The Headphone Jack Message Apple Should Have Led With


Courage. It isn’t a virtue that should be lightly claimed by a major corporation. So Phil Schiller’s description of the removal of the iPhone’s headphone jack as courageous has been rightly ripped to shreds by the internet.

I fear that this is a case of Apple getting carried away with its own hubris. The belief that any and every change, update or step forward is worthy of its own superlative. If I were feeling cynical I would suggest that this is a trait endemic to California and its residents, but that would be over generalising and mostly unfair.

The truth is that by removing the headphone jack Apple achieved two things. Firstly it created more space for a larger battery (10% apparently) and secondly it gave the market for wireless haedphones a hefty kick. A useful side effect when you have recently paid out billions of dollars for a headphone company.

If, in presenting the change, Schiller has stuck to the bigger battery as a benefit line I’d suggest that the removal of the headphone jack would be receiving much less negative attention.


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