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Google Is Going Big On Pixel Promotion

pixel billboard 

If any more proof were needed that the inbound Pixel smartphone is going to be very different to anything Google has put its name to before, then the massive spend on real world advertising hoarding is surely it.

Prime site appears to be in New York is Times Square, however a light projection show and mysterious rounded rectangle statues have also been making appearances.

The theme of the ads, statues, lightshow and websites is #madebygoogle which more than anything suggests the new devices will be very different to previous Nexus smartphones.

Different enough to take the fight to Apple? I guess that depends on how much quality control has been demanded of HTC by Google. If this new device and, more importantly, brand is to compete with Apple it can afford no slip ups on its first device.

I guess the other thing to note is that this appears to be a return to its roots for HTC, the company that truly launched the smartphone revolution with contract manufacturer phones for O2.