GM’s Bolt Looks Like It Could Seriously Shake Up The EV Market


GM announced the Bolt to a positive reception last year, promising a vehicle with a 200 mile range that was within the reach of a wider group of buyers than Tesla’s offerings. Now it has confirmed pricing and estimated range for the Bolt and it promises to be a game changer for EVs – and cars in general.

Whilst the Bolt doesn’t offer a significantly different package to Tesla’s Model 3, which will cost about the same and have a similar range, it does have one massive, palpable advantage that makes it the game change the Tesla won’t ever be.

GM knows how to mass produce vehicles.

So whilst Tesla boasts of hundreds of thousands of early deposits and pre-orders, its inability to scale its manufacturing capacity and capability means that some of those buyers will be still waiting for their cars when the next Bolt arrives.

GM on the other hand is very good at scale. And that’s what makes the Bolt a bigger game changer than the current Tesla range. Until the rest of the automotive industry catches up that puts GM in pole position in the race to lead EV deployment.


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