Galaxy Note 7 Recall: This Is Why Removable Batteries Win

It appears that Samsung is going to have no option but to recall all Galaxy Note 7s sold worldwide following the discovery of a number of faulty battery packs that are liable to catch fire or explode when charging.

That amounts to a total disaster for Samsung, both in terms of lost sales and lost prestige. Just when it had carved its on place at the top of the tree.

For those of us who bemoaned the loss of removable back covers and replaceable batteries it is time to be a little smug. After all, if Samsung had stuck with its old design philosophy it would now be able to ask customers to check the details on their battery packs and send out replacements only to the 0.1% of devices that require a replacement. For good PR purposes they could even have sent two new batteries.

And the cost would still be significantly less than that of completing the recall that will now be necessary.

I suspect that Samsung's very good year just got very bad indeed...


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