Backing Up Your Backup Becomes Easier With SanDisk’s New 1TB SDXC Offering


Data usage is growing exponentially. We’re taking a lot more photos with our smartphone cameras and as those cameras take higher resolution pictures with more and more additional features, each photo takes up more space. Pushing them off your device and into the cloud, maybe onto local external storage too, has become the default way of dealing with these additional storage demands.

Of course if all of your documents, files, music and videos are stored in the cloud you become beholden to your cloud service provider’s reliability to ensure that you can get those files back again when you need them.

Some cloud services are more reliable than others.

OneDrive has been one of the best in my experience, in fact in the years that I’ve used it (including under previous SkyDrive, Live Sync and Live Mesh guises) I have yet to suffer an outage.

However the SD card slot on the side of my HP Spectre x360 offered me the opportunity to mitigate even this unlikely scenario. By adding a 256GB card and setting OneDrive to sync its folders to the card I am always able to access the contents of my OneDrive, irrespective of what’s happening at Microsoft or my local internet connection.

However as my OneDrive storage starts to fill up (I have 1.25TB of space at the moment) that 256GB card isn’t going to be up to the job for much longer. So the news that SanDisk has announced a 1TB SDXC card obviously caught my eye.

At the current increase in storage consumption, the 1TB card will have dropped into the realms of affordability just when I need it.

Backing up your data is more than just about having it stored somewhere other than your computer. It should also be about availability. Your data is no good to you locked away on Apple’s servers if iCloud is down, or you’ve lost internet access; marginally more so if its on a hard disk back at home when your SSD dies on the road.


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