Apple’s AirPods Leave A Robot’s Penis Hanging From Your Ears


I accept that robots probably don’t have a need to procreate so I can’t tell you why one would have a penis, but the AirPods announced today by Apple manage to take the concept of in-ear Bluetooth and make it even more ridiculous.

I’m not sure why Apple felt that it needed to add the extension piece of the microphone (and presumably battery) but both Motorola and Sony have managed to achieve total in ear solutions that support voice control well. There’s no reason why Apple couldn’t have managed this.

My other concern with the AirPods will be how well they stay in your ear. My EarPods were constantly on the point of falling out, which is the reason why I no longer use them in favour of better fitting in-ear headphones.

With the AirPods it seems incredibly unlikely that they’ll manage to stay in the ear given even the slightest amount of provocation. And at US$159 it’s a very expensive way of finding out that your ears don’t match those special Californian ears that Apple designs for.


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