Apple Failed To Demonstrate A Good Reason For Removing The Headphone Jack From The iPhone 7


What was the key message about the missing headphone jack in Apple’s iPhone 7 launch today?

Was it that Lightning headphones have better audio quality than older analogue connected headphones? Not really, because that didn’t require the removal of the headphone jack to deliver.

Was it that the future is wireless and the headphone jack is redundant now? Not really, because otherwise why provide the Lightning to analogue adapter in the box with the iPhone.

Was it that the removal of the jack allowed Apple to fit a bigger battery and thus extend battery life? Partially I suppose, but Apple’s claimed improvements in battery life were in line with previous claims and didn’t amount to a significant improvement overall.

Was it because, by removing the standard 3.5mm socket, Apple is able to better control what its users plug into their iPhones, ensuring that Apple either wholly or partially profits from each and every headphone sale? Could be.

The removal of the iPhone’s headphone socket doesn’t add any value for Apple’s customers. It does add significant potential for additional value for Apple and that’s what Apple is all about these days isn’t it?