Adobe Building XD For Windows 10

adobe xd windows

Adobe’s Mac-only experience and interface design tool, XD, is about to make the jump to Windows 10 and in the process leapfrog the Mac version with new features that take advantage of Windows built-in (although not quite universal) pen support, as well as touch.

This promises to be a very different way of working, which should demonstrate the advantages of Microsoft’s decision to push towards a more hybrid future, validating in particular the value of the Surface line both to the customer and to Microsoft.

Interestingly, the app is going to be based on the UWP, which means that it should be usable in Windows 10 Mobile and in Continuum. Which means that, thanks to Microsoft’s code once, run anywhere plan, Windows Mobile users might just benefit from the app gap for once, there being no XD version for iOS (yet?).


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