Windows Universal Apps Beginning To Appear In Greater Numbers

The app gap is something that dogged Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 throughout their short existence, there were too few apps and the stream of quality new apps arriving was too slow to even be a trickle.

With Windows 10 the universal app idea seems to have taken off and there is a slow, but steady, stream of new apps arriving.

In the last few days that has included Air Asia, Expedia and now the US Postal Service. Plex and VLC have apps in beta at the moment, whilst there is a Starbucks app inbound.

Whilst that might be seen as a good thing - and for Windows Mobile users in particular it is - if you stand back and look at the bigger picture things aren't so rosy. Android and iOS app stores are so full of top tier apps that anybody seeking to solely report on the updates in this part of the market wouldn't have enough hours in the day.

When the appearance of a new universal app for Windows becomes so commonplace that it doesn't warrant an article on Windows websites is when the app gap ceases to be a problem.

Until then the gap will remain an obstacle in potential buyer's minds. 


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