Windows 10 Makes Big Gains In Usage Share

netmarket share

NetMarketShare platform usage stats for May make for interesting reading, especially if you are tracking Windows 10 adoption rates.

The ‘new’ platform managed to pick up a chunk of users to end the month with 17% of the usage share. Microsoft's newest release is now not far off half of the Windows 7 usage rate, after less than a year of availability. Not a bad effort by any standards, with one in six PCs now running Windows 10.

Of course Microsoft won't have coined it in on this release as it will have mostly given away the operating system, making a little money out of OEM installs.

As a whole Windows accounts for 90% of the PC operating system market, with Apple accounting for 8% and the remainder presumably Linux.

The mobile picture is somewhat less rosy. Windows 10 Mobile occupies just under 0.5% of the market and Windows Phone / Mobile combined, around 2.6%.