Sony Should Demolish Its Smartphone Ambitions With Its Flagship Ginza Store


Sony’s Xperia X has been poorly received by the media, a backward step from its quasi-successful Z range and wildly overpriced to boot it is a phone designed to maximise profits at the expense of user experience and value.

Symbolically, after fifty years Sony is about to demolish its flagship Ginza building in Tokyo, it should take its smartphone division with it.

If Sony has been unable to build a smartphone business when it has been building some of the best smartphones you can buy, what hope is there for it when it lags behind the competition so woefully? The company has managed to be poor at everything to do with selling phones: poor marketing, poor engagement with the carriers (especially in the US) and failing to follow through on its successes.

Never having product to sell until too long after launch has not helped.

At a time when your smartphone division is fighting for its life the availability of more Sony accessories for iPhones than Xperias is a crazy kind of commercial suicide. Its’s as if Sony forgot exactly what consumers look for when they’re buying.

Part of me wants to pick up an Xperia Z5 for old times sake, to remember the potential that I saw in the Z1 and even the X10 before it, but then I remember why I passed on it when it launched. In every way possible the Samsung GS7 is a better Android phone. The comparison between the two is so one-sided it’s embarrassing.

So Sony, knock down your building, shut up your smartphone shop and concentrate on component supply. You’re done.


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