Snapchat On Windows 10 Mobile? I’ll Believe It When I See It


Snapchat has been one of Windows Phone’s highest profile holdouts forever. A complete disregard for Microsoft at an executive level has ensured that the easiest way to kill any conversation about migrating to Windows Phone is to mention the app.

Even when heralded Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn developed a third party app which was lauded by users the company moved to kill it.

So the rumours that Snapchat and Microsoft are working towards the launch of a Windows 10 version of the app comes as something of a surprise.

Further digging suggests that the house of cards that supports this news is very poorly put together, building as it does from comments made by an online support technician working on behalf of Microsoft Spain.

Without wishing to put a slam down on the online support people at Microsoft, but they are the lowest of the low, as far as the company is concerned. It’s true of any large company’s online support team. So the chances of this Spanish support technician being in possession of a piece of bombshell news like this are slim to none.

Doesn’t mean it isn’t happening or won’t at some stage in the future, but this seems to be just about the unlikeliest way that we’d hear of such a thing.


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