Post-Brexit Discord Of British Labour Party Rebels Shows Some Politicians Have Forgotten How To Listen

If there was one very clear message that Thursday’s Brexit vote delivered it was that the people are fed up of being ignored by the political classes, who seem to operate on the assumption that the plebs opinion is of import once every five years and should be otherwise ignored.
The election of Jeremy Corbyn to leader of the Labour party, the current opposition was a similar kickback from Labour’s grass roots supporters who saw a man of integrity and a leader who offered honesty and endeavour, rather than the spin and beauty parades that have comprised British politics for the last three decades.
In short Labour party members were sick to death of New Labour – a party that were Conservative in all but the colour of the flag they waved.
Corbyn offers an alternative choice. His opponents may be right, he may never get the Labour party elected, but if being electable means being the Conservative Party in all but name, then really, why bother at all?
Over the last twenty-four hours a group of Labour MPs, those who put electability above being ‘Labour’ have moved to initiate a coup d'état against Corbyn, with resignations and publicised letters of condemnation.
Just four days after the public gave the political class a bloody nose these idiots are seeking to overturn the will of the people to suit their own agenda. Will they never learn?
To his credit Jeremy Corbyn has refused to roll over in the wake of their machinations, rightfully telling his opponents to bring their challenge to the vote of the party members.
Whatever his failings as a party leader and potential Prime Minister, Corbyn demonstrates a level of integrity that is unheard of in the British political system.
More strength to his arm.


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