Porsche Builds A Convertible… Windows Laptop


Porsche Design, the branding arm of the company designed to build products that leverage the success of the company’s iconic sports cars, has just announced a convertible – a screen-flipping, pen-toting Windows convertible that is.

Shown at Computex as part of Microsoft’s Windows keynote the Porsche Design device is due later this year. Other than the information that the device is a branding exercise with an unnamed local OEM there’s no detail on the machine’s build, although the Porsche name is probably a good indication that this will neither be cheap or anything but well built.

Features we know will be on board will be support for Windows Hello, Inking and a 13.3” screen.

Not specifically called out in the information released by Microsoft is the hope that the Porsche brand written large on the lid and screen surround will be sufficient to persuade premium laptop buyers to forego the Apple logo and choose this over a MacBook Pro.

I’m not convinced. I think the Porsche Design brand is rather more likely to damage the Porsche name than make it into a premium electronics brand. A bit like those tacky Ferrari sunglasses that were produced in the 80s, and more recently the Ferrari and Lamborghini laptops that Acer and Asus brought to market. Or more pertinently, the dreadful Porsche Design Blackberry.

Cynical branding is bad for everyone. The relationship between the cars and the technology is tenuous at best and the suggestion is that the device bearing the flashy brand won’t stand up on its own merits.

Now if this machine does turn out to be competitive it may garner buyers, especially amongst Porsche owners who want something that tells everybody which car they drive. I suspect that this group won’t contain a huge number of laptop buyers.

I hope an overly large production run hasn’t been ordered from the OEM, as I suspect they won’t be as quick off the shelf as a 911 is off of the line.


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