OLED Screens To Drastically Change iOS

It seems that we may have finally reached the point where we can say that Apple is going to switch its number one product to a new screen technology. OLED manufacturers have been stretching their capability and news that Samsung, the manufacturer of the best AMOLED screens available, was readying capacity for a massive growth in its larger 5.5" screen shipments.

Alongside the news that Apple has included 'dark mode' within the iOS 10 developer seed code, albeit well hidden, this looks like pretty conclusive proof of a coming change in screen technology.

Why? Because OLED screens are much more power efficient when displaying darker images, something that the predominantly light coloured iOS 9 doesn't support well. Also OLED screens are prone to image burn in when displaying bright, static images for long periods.

That might prove to be a problem for Apple, given that even in dark mode much of the iOS interface is static, and white text on black backgrounds are just as likely to damage the screen. In any case the presence of dark mode means that Apple believes it can resolve this problem easily enough.

The other challenge for Apple will be maintaining is famed screen colour accuracy. Whilst Samsung has delivered hugely impressive screens that deliver excellent colour standards, other OLED manufacturers have been less successful in this respect. A poorly calibrated screen could be a disaster for any new iPhone.

On the plus side, iPhone owners will no longer need to look at their Samsung owning peers and sigh over the incredible colours and deep blacks that have been denied them thus far.

Apple just needs to be careful about how it integrates this new technology into the new iPhone. Because denied the advantage of its beautiful screen a Samsung Galaxy looks a much harder sell against any new iPhone.



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