Microsoft’s Edge Browser Overtakes Safari, Closes In On Firefox

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Microsoft hasn’t had the best of times in the browser wars recently. Google Chrome has usurped its position as most popular browser and its overall share of the market is falling as it looks to transition to its new Edge browser in Windows 10, despite some fairly big limitations on functionality compared to more mature browsers.

However there is some good news for Microsoft – Edge’s popularity is on the rise, with NetMarketShare reporting that the Windows 10 browser has passed Safari for fourth place in the desktop browser market, hitting 5% share in May.

The news is likely to get even better soon, as Edge’s rise (from zero to 5% in ten months) is matched by a drop off in Firefox usage. If the two trends are maintained then Edge will replace Firefox as the third most used browser as early as August.

With the anniversary edition of Windows 10 likely to bring some headline features and additional functionality to Edge it’s likely that adoption rates are only going to increase.

Whether that will be enough to slow the rapid increase in the number of users on Chrome remains to be seen.


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