Microsoft Says Messaging Everywhere Won’t Be In Windows 10 Anniversary Update After All


The promise of being able to leave your phone in your pocket or charger or anywhere where it still has an internet connection and then be able to control it from your PC won’t be fulfilled in Windows 10 Anniversary update after all. The Messaging everywhere feature will be dropped from Insider Build 14376 and its functionality will be provided by a future release of Skype.

It’s unclear from the Windows Blog post that announces the change whether this change has been wrought because of negative feedback from Windows Insiders or whether the team weren’t comfortable with the way that the feature was being enabled. Either way its gone and it leaves Microsoft exposed again.

Firstly it calls into question the logic of releasing (and to some degree hyping) a new feature that gets pulled just three months later. If the experience was so bad that Insiders picked it up so quickly how did escape from Microsoft’s internal testing. Is it the case that nobody within Microsoft actually uses a Windows Mobile any more so it never received any testing outside the lab in which it was developed.

Secondly, it leaves Windows Mobile seriously deficient on features once more. iPhone users have full access to this feature on their Macs, whilst Android owners can use Pushbullet to achieve all this and more. A number of OEMs have good PC apps for their phones, the best known being Samsung excellent SideSync.

The change does rather suggest that Skype will become the default messaging client for Windows Mobile and then allow full desktop access in the same way that both iMessage and Hangouts allow for iPhone / Mac and Android / Chrome.

By the time it arrives will there be anybody left to use it though?


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