Microsoft Needs To Kill Mixed Messages About Windows Tap To Pay Support


Last week Daniel Rubino of the Windows Central site bought a hamburger from a Mcdonalds using a Lumia 950. This was possible because his Lumia was running the latest Windows 10 Mobile Insider build and had the new Waller 2.0 app from Microsoft. That he used a bank card from Bank of America was pertinent too, as the BoA supports Paywave payments by smartphone.

Since the news broke there has been rumour layered upon rumour about Wallet 2.0 – what will support it, what won’t and, with the already fractured relationship between Microsoft and its customers getting more strained by the day a certain degree of FUD has been introduced to the conversation.

That was multiplied by a Mastercard document which suggested that only the Lumia 640XL non-LTE, 650, 950 and 950XL were Host Card Emulation compatible and as that’s the technology Microsoft will be using to provide the Tap to Pay service there were some disappointed users out there.

However Microsoft’s own developer blogs on MSDN provide detailed instructions on how to enable HCE on NFC. The post, from May last year specifically calls out a number of Lumias with NFC HCE support: (730/830/640/640XL …).

That’s a wider and more inclusive range of devices than the Mastercard document and additionally calls out support for SIM-based emulation, as used in services like New Zealand’s Semble payment system.

Microsoft needs to step up here and make a clear statement about which of its devices will actually work with HCE, because the last thing it needs after mismanaging the Windows 10 Mobile compatibility list, is another reason for loyal customers to go elsewhere.


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