Microsoft Goes BOGOF On Lumia 950s Again

Kicking yourself that you didn't jump in on Microsoft's buy one get one free offer on the Lumia 950 and 950 XL earlier in the year? Well Microsoft has brought the offer back, for one week only and for US and Canadian buyers once more. 

It's a great offer for buyers, but suggests that Microsoft may be quite literally struggling to give its flagship device away, given the generosity of the offer it's hard to believe that stocks weren't wiped out in April. 

The other thing that is hard to believe is that the offer hasn't been extended to markets where Lumia has been selling well, like Europe and Central America. That would do a much better job of clearing down inventory and reward those customers who have been loyal to the platform. 

More evidence of Microsoft's overly North American focus? I would say so. 


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