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Microsoft And Opera Trade Blows On Browser Battery Usage, Google Trying To Ignore Issue

Any Windows user who takes a interest in the way their machine is performing will tell you the same thing: Google Chrome is a resource hog and your Windows PC works harder when it’s running. When your machine is a laptop that means churning away battery life.

Microsoft wanted to emphasise the effects of this particular Chrome problem  and also took the opportunity to take a potshot at Mozilla’s Firefox and Opera’s eponymous browser in the process. Hence the video above.

A fairly restricted test and no indications as to why this is a particularly valid comparison, but overall it hits its mark: Edge is the most battery efficient browser (on a Surface Book, streaming this particular video, YMMV).

Opera fired back, with its own test which showed that its new browser outlasted Edge (and Chrome, which was once more bottom of the pile).

All it requires now is for Mozilla to respond with its own video which also places Chrome at the bottom of the heap and we’ll have the full set.

Personally I’ve stopped using Chrome across the board – its particular poor behaviour on both Windows and Mac means I have dropped it into a class of software where its only peer is iTunes – and that’s a place no piece of software wants to be.

In the meantime, tests like this go very little of the way to telling us which is the most efficient browser and an awfully long way to telling us which should be avoided.