Kantar Sees Further Market Share Losses For Windows Phone, iPhone


Kantar World Panel has published its smartphone market share numbers for the three months to the end of April and both Microsoft and Apple have cause for alarm.

In all the markets where Kantar records numbers both iPhone and Windows share were down. In the USA Windows phone sales were down by two-thirds, in Australia almost as much. In the former Windows stronghold of Europe, EU5 sales halved year on year.

For Apple the figures were neither as bad nor as portentous as they look to be for Microsoft. Nonetheless another weak quarter is in prospect based on Kantar's numbers. With Android numbers booming the figures are made to appear worse that they are.

In the US and Australia, two of Apple's stronger markets, share was down by 8% and 10% respectively. The news from China was worse - share was down almost 20% year on year. In Apple's strongest and weakest markets (Japan and the EU5) share was down by over 5%.

Worse news for Apple is that its share numbers were down not just on the year to year comparison but also for sequential monthly reports. That means that unless the market has grown appreciably Apple is heading towards another quarter of down iPhone sales.


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