iPhone 7 Images Leak – But What Does It Mean?


Remember the days when the iPhone was something that arrived unheralded with no leaks or hints as to what was coming and what it would look like? Can you remember the impact of Gizmondo’s iPhone 4 scoop? It all seems a long time ago, now the expectation is that we will know what the new iPhone will look like before it arrives on stage with Tim Cook.

There have been many and varied leaks of the new iPhone and in the same way that the iPhone 5 and 6 were comprehensively detailed before release, the iPhone 7’s form factor can be easily guessed thanks to the alignment of these leaks.

In effect what we are getting is an iPhone 6S-S. A tweaked iPhone 6 shell with revised antenna lines and more or less identical structure.

That introduces a new element to the Apple tick-tock release schedule. Tick – a new form factor, tock – improved performance and new hardware features.

This should be a ‘tick’ year but as we don’t seem to be getting the new form factor that defines the name change I wonder if that means new internals and a significant performance boost?

As I’ve mentioned on several occasions in the past, I’m not a big fan of the iPhone 6 design or its tactile qualities, much preferring the previous iPhone 5 based design language. Given that I generally buy a new iPhone in ‘tick’ year that might cause me some problems.


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