Hey Microsoft, Isn't It Time You Fixed Cortana For International Users?


Cortana is wonderful. Cortana manages to mix the best of Siri with the best of Google Now. Cortana is on both desktop and mobile. And if Microsoft had its way I wouldn't know any of this.

Cortana isn't officially available in New Zealand.

That's okay, New Zealand is a small country and has some really specific localisation of language that might require an overly burdensome effort to handle. (Until you've been asked about how you oil your dick you won't know what I mean).

However I'm English. I speak the Queen's English and Cortana has no problem understanding me. There are millions of my countrymen here and most of them are in the same boat too.

So why do we have to jump through so many hoops to get Cortana working on our PCs and Phones? It's an easy process to complete - set my region and language to the UK and UK English and I'm off and running.

Except now I see the UK Store on both my phone and PC. Not helpful when searching for New Zealand content. I imagine South American customers tire of accessing the Spanish or Mexican app stores for the same reason. It's probably a good thing the Microsoft Store is a wasteland, having to choose between two useful resources might be altogether too painful. 

Especially when the solution is as easy as letting users in unsupported regions use Cortana in a language of their own choosing.

Come on Microsoft, give us a break and make this happen in an incoming update. There are millions of English and Spanish speakers who will thank you for it.


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