Apple Just Made More Than 150 Million iPads Obsolete, Some Just A Year Old


Apple’s announcement of iOS 10 brings plenty of new features to the platform, however most of the iPad owning community won’t get to see the update. Apple ended the update program for all iPads introduced before the end of 2013: the original iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3rd and 4th generations; and the original iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini was still on sale as recently as last year, whilst the iPad 2 and 4th generation were still on sale in early and late 2014 respectively.

Now these are older machines I grant you, but it still gives the lie to Apple’s harping on about updates on other platforms. If you recently bought the iPad Mini in particular you’ve a right to be upset. Apple sold you something that it knew it wouldn’t be updating after just a year.

Of course if you bought any Android tablet you’d probably be in the same boat (albeit with a fuller wallet). Even premium Android tablets are still waiting for Marshmallow whilst its replacement is being introduced to the world.

On the plus side Windows 7 and 8 tablet users are sitting pretty, I don’t know of any Windows 8 or 8.1 tablet that has been denied Windows 10. (RT owners may feel free to gnash their teeth at this point).


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