Apple The Green Energy Company

apple environmentCapture

Earlier this year Apple completed the largest bond issue in US corporate history, raising $1.5bn to finance renewable energy, green buildings and conservation.

That money looks like it will get put to very good use following today's news that the company will begin selling green electricity into the US wholesale power market. A new subsidiary company has applied for the Federal licenses to allow this to happen.

It's a move that is good for the whole US and not just Apple. The States have a poor penetration of clean energy, which when added to huge demand makes the US one of the world's biggest polluters. By feeding its excess energy into the grid Apple reduces demand for dirty power.

Having pretty much moved its whole corporate infrastructure to renewables Apple could potentially use the income stream from its power business to expand its generation capability and thus its ability to sell over supply into the wholesale market. It's a virtuous circle that could make green power more than the hobby project its being painted as today - much more in fact. Driving a clean energy market would be a bigger world-changing achievement than anything Apple has achieved before.


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