Amazon Scuttles Windows Phone App

Amazon's Windows Phone app will cease to function in less than a month, and with no news of a forthcoming Windows 10 UWP app incoming it looks like another high-profile name abandoning the platform.

Once more this is an inevitable outcome of the lack of support for the platform within Microsoft itself. Senior executives are playing lip service to the idea that the platform has a future, but the company's actions make it clear that it has little faith in its own product and is really just going through the motions.

Whilst Microsoft places such a low priority on developing for its own mobile platform how can it argue that others should do so?

First-party Windows 10 Mobile or UWP apps are generally pretty good - the official Twitter client, for example - is leagues ahead of the Android and iOS versions - but with smartphone sales falling through the floor and no evidence that Microsoft can or wants to reverse it, those will inevitably start to wither and die.

Amazon clearly saw little evidence that the investment in building a Windows Mobile version of its app would pay off over time. The best that Windows 10 Mobile users can hope for now is that Amazon decides to use Microsoft's tools to port the iOS app across.


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