Windows 10 Promoted Apps: Not The Issue It's Being Made Out To Be

I'll bet you've seen sensationalist headlines proclaiming 'Microsoft to double number of ads in Windows 10' over the last few days. If you read into the articles backing these headlines you'll find some very misinformed and deliberately obfuscating commentary which seeks to mislead either by mistake or by design.
First of all what is it that Microsoft is changing? Well, if you've bought a PC pre-installed with Windows 10 you'll find that it comes with some deep-links into the Windows Store for certain apps. These links sit on five tiles on the default Start Menu. Removing them is as simple as right clicking and choosing uninstall. As they are just links they don't do anything other than occupy Start Menu space and once removed they are gone forever.
Given that the Windows Store is relatively new to customers - especially those coming from Windows 7 or Macs - its an easy way to introduce those customers to the Store. The Anniversary Update to Windows 10 will increase the number of promoted app tiles to ten.
Given that these are just place holders, aren't permanent and replace what would otherwise be a blank space in the Start Menu, this doesn't seem to warrant the amount of bile flowing across the web. Any user looking to use the Start Menu would be guaranteed to be adding and removing apps to meet their own particular needs anyway.
So ignore the sites telling you that removing these promoted app tiles requires the installation of a Start Menu replacement, editing of the Registry or changes to some settings. It's far, far simpler than that.


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