Windows 10 Mobile In A Race To The Bottom Against Blackberry


Gartner just published its assessment of the smartphone platform market in Q1 2016 and if you’re not Google it doesn’t make good reading.

Whilst Android outgrew the market, resulting in an increase of market share to 84% iOS, Windows and Blackberry all saw significant falls in sales volume and market share.

For Apple the iOS fall is almost certainly a temporary blip, likely to be corrected with the release of the iPhone 7 if not before. Blackberry has made the move to Android, so the rump of its sales are legacy BB10 devices to enterprises presumably lagging in their conversion to a new platform.

So what of Windows? We knew the news was bad based on Microsoft’s own reports, however the scale of the collapse suggests that a couple more bad quarters will see Microsoft reverse its way back into fourth place in the marketplace.

Realistically Gartner, Kantar, IDC and the rest must be close to the point where their reports become Android, Apple and Others.


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