Windows 10 Market Share Progess Highlighted By US GOV Site Stats

In the last ninety days over two billion visits to US government websites occurred, which gives us a pretty good opportunity to look at the statistics to determine what the current IT landscape looks like, in the US anyway.

Here's the breakdown of the operating systems used to access US government sites and two things really stand out.

Despite the massive growth of mobile device usage, smartphones, tablets, etc., more than half of visits to these sites came from desktops running Windows and that rises to six in ten when you add desktop usage from Macs.

The second interesting stat involves Windows 10. After less than a year of availability it accounts for almost one in eight of all visits, outperforming every desktop OS bar Windows 7 and closing in on Android and iOS numbers.

That suggests that Microsoft has already converted nearly 25% of Windows users to its new version. Once the enterprise migration begins in earnest that's likely to rise even quicker.

Of course taking the statistics from one domain, in a short period of time, is not exactly the most accurate or scientific method of measuring performance. And of course there's no data on how many repeat visits are included here to skew the numbers. Keeping that in mind though, it still sounds like exceptionally good news for Microsoft.


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