This Is What Windows Smartphone Failure Looks Like

bgr headline

Microsoft’s retrenchment of its Windows on smartphones policy has had a dramatic effect on sales of Windows phones – as previously discussed, market share hit a woeful 0.7% last quarter, the lowest market share Microsoft has ever managed.

Microsoft is making noises about consolidating this year, focusing its efforts elsewhere and returning in 2017 with something special to wow the crowd. It isn’t going to happen. The message in the image above - culled from the BGR website - will get repeated in retail stores and online forums, by those people who are givers of advice to their less technical friends, it will eventually start appearing in the mainstream press (ironically it will be the most coverage Windows Phone / Mobile has received since it first launched).

Microsoft will have missed the train if it brings out a new smartphone in 2017. I’d even hazard that it could bring out the smartphone of 2017 and still fail to find any customers.

As a fan that makes me sad. Windows 10 Mobile is less innovative than Windows Phone, but wins out over Android and iOS in many areas. If it can’t overcome the millstones of a poor app store, its association with Microsoft and the cessation of the Lumia line whilst heavily supported by Microsoft, what hope is there for third parties who are pushing the platform?

Unfortunately, the answer is very little indeed.


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