The Italian Police Have Always Had The Best Cars

Alfa Red may be the colour that the world associates with the Alfa Romeo marque, but in Italy you're much more likely to see one in the colours of the country's law enforcement teams, most commonly the Polizia di Stato, Arma dei Carabinieri and Polizia Locale.
That means Alfa Romeos in shades of blue. Like the Giulia QV above, which looks exactly like the reason why young boys in Italy grow up wanting to be policemen.
There is, of course, a long history of Alfa Romeos in Italian law enforcement and the current Giulia will be taking on a role previously filled by the original more than five decades ago.
Incidental technical interest, the standard Caribinieri fit out appears to include a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 for messaging, camera control and recording of data.
The majority of Giulia buyers will almost certainly choose one of Alfa Romeo's iconic reds for their purchase when reviewing the options list, but I can't help looking at the picture above and thinking that it would make for a compelling option, shorn of the Caribinieri logos. That dark blue is just so very, very dark...


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