The Android Dilemna: The Best Or The Most Up-to-date

Whilst Google was focusing very much on what's coming down the track in Android 7 - AKA Android N***** (Google isn't telling yet, but Nougat and Nutella seem the most likely choices) my Galaxy S6 was receiving its update to Marshmallow 6.0.1.
That's an awfully long time since the current release made its debut.
For me the GS6 was the best Android phone of 2015 and its successor, the Galaxy S7, is the best Android phone of 2016. However I'd not like to hazard a guess as to when either will get updated to Android 7.
Google's Nexus range is outclassed by Samsung's latest, whilst remaining a perfectly serviceable and usable selection of phones. The 6P tries to compete with Samsung in the premium space, whilst cheaper phones maintain the Nexus value offering.
Outclassed they may be, but slow to get updates they certainly aren't.
Its a dilemma that every person buying an Android phone today faces. Do I select a phone that isn't as good as I can get for the promise of future updates?
Neither iPhone users nor Windows 10 Mobile users face this problem. Apple has an exemplary record in managing to get versions out to customers iPhones en masse. Microsoft has done a pretty good job of doing the same once it pulled the trigger on the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade release. Even if it left some users behind who were expecting the upgrade.
Google needs to slow down its rate of change and decide how its going to manage updates in the future. The official launch of Android 7 would be a good opportunity to do that.
Without a resolution more and more users will inevitably bleed away to iOS and the guarantee of a phone that gets updates until its three or more years old.


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