Now Would Be A Good Time To Resurrect OQO


Talk about ahead of their time. The OQO pocket PC was a PC that actually fit in your pocket (well, for large values of pocket, anyway) and managed to deliver usable performance at a time when laptops were mostly still big and clunky and short on battery life, and the iPad had yet to revolutionise the tablet market. It was a beautifully designed device that owners took their hearts with the sort of loyalty that even Apple would struggle to match.

Those latter features are no doubt related to the genesis of the OQO being from the minds of former Apple employees. That Steve Jobs rejected the opportunity to make this an Apple product was probably an indication that it was doomed, but as a business it was at the very least a glorious failure, undone by the inability of the technology to keep pace with the desires of the engineers.

That is no longer the case. In fact based on what we have in regular use today in different devices it seems like the ideal time for OQO to rise from the ashes and deliver a new portable PC.

Some of OQO’s design features are now much better supported by technology. For example USB Type C offers all of the features OQO had to engineer into its proprietary dock cable and clunky connector. Intel now has CPUs in much smaller, power efficient packages which retain most of the power of their larger counterparts. The sliding keyboard was the best small keyboard I’ve ever used, together with the trackpoint device and active touchscreen  it could certainly stand a straight transplant into a new device.

A slimmer device with a slightly larger screen and the OQO form factor would actually deliver the true Windows 10 Continuum experience that Microsoft appears to want from Windows 10 Mobile.


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