Newsflow For Windows 10 Review


One of the staples of any good device setup is a quality RSS / news reader. The choice of reading software is very personal and reflects the different ways that individuals consume web updates.

On a mobile device using a good news reader can significantly reduce data consumption as well as reduce the number of ads, a side benefit that could save some users an expensive data bill.

Newsflow is a Universal Windows app, running on both desktop and mobile. It manages to be simple to configure and good to look at. Adding sources is easy, with a simple search engine returning results based on keywords. You don’t need to know the rss syndication address for a particular site and if you just want a list of sites on a topic you can search on keyword too.

The interface works well at all sizes and is responsive on the big screen if you reduce the window size down. Newsflow can optionally go and fetch extended information for some feeds, meaning you don’t then have to jump into a web browser to see the full article.

Given that Newsflow is completely free,  without even ads to disrupt the flow of news, I hesitate to call this niggle out, but it would be nice to see feed lists sync through OneDrive , rather than the manual sharing currently in place. It is the most minor of complaints and isn’t even that if you don’t regularly update your feed list or switch between desktop and mobile. You can manually sync your devices using OneDrive so that shouldn’t put you off in the slightest

So on the basis of good design, ease of use, being cross device and completely free I can highly recommend Newsflow.


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