Microsoft Surface Unsurprisingly Outsold iPad Pro In UK Enterprise Market


Canalys is reporting that Microsoft’s Surface Pro outsold the iPad Pro in the UK Enterprise sector for Q1 2016. Sales figures of 275,000 and 107,000 respectively, put Microsoft’s tablet well ahead of Apple’s.

Are you surprised? It seems to me to be a hugely obvious piece of news, given that the iPad, despite Apple’s hubris, is still not a device that can replace your laptop nor deliver an enterprise class experience for user, business or technology teams.

Yes, you do see iPads in use in enterprise, but generally they are in addition to, not instead of a laptop. A significant number are BYOD units owned by the end user. For some use cases there is a valid reason to choose an iPad, but the day where it is a true enterprise class device has yet to come.

To be honest, I think Apple has more to celebrate by selling 107,000 iPad Pros to UK enterprise than Microsoft has in shipping 275,000 Surfaces. Still, even the smallest glimmer of good news is something Microsoft should be grabbing right now.


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