HTC Revenue Off 66%, Starts Circling The Abyss

Oh HTC, how we used to love you, with your adventurous and novel Windows Mobile handsets, your clever Sense Android skins and your ability to stick it to Apple with handsets that were flat out better.
Since the disastrous One X though, HTC hasn't been able to capture former glories. The One, One M8, One M9 and new HTC 10 just haven't had the customer attention grabbing capabilities that help to drive sales numbers up. And so sales, revenue and market share have been on a long, downward spiral.
Today HTC reported revenue down by an eye-watering two-thirds year on year. Headlining that news with an epic $148m loss didn't exactly help either. The truth is that HTC is left hoping its super expensive Vive VR headset will save the day.
That seems more than a little unlikely.
The company has done all it can to try and pivot and has missed at each try. It wanted to take on GoPro, with little success, and now it will take on Facebook and Sony in an attempt to compete in the VR market. That seems like a tough battle for a company running out of funds.
Right now it seems to me that only a successful execution of its rumoured Nexus handsets, later this year, can save the company. Given the disappointing effort it made with the Nexus 9 tablet I'm not holding my breath.


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