How Is Your Windows 10 Mobile Experience?


Here’s an interesting one. Michael Allison, writing on makes the assertion that the Windows Mobile user experience is broken. He details experiences of users he has spoken to, which, when put together with his own tales of woe describe a very broken platform. One which has no reason to continue existing and which should be terminated for the benefit of all concerned.

It just doesn’t describe my own experience and that of users that I speak to.

Yes, I’ve had concerns with areas of functionality that have been lost in the upgrade from Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile, but Microsoft does seem to be addressing this at pretty rapid clip.

Talk of Windows Mobile crashing several times a month just isn’t what I’m seeing and friends who also have Windows Mobile don’t describe that experience either.

My wife has been a Windows Phone user since she switched to a Nokia Lumia 710 from a feature phone. She’s subsequently upgraded to an HTC 8S, Lumia 625 and now Lumia 735. I’ve given her both Android and iPhones to try and she’s rejected both alternate platforms.

Her experience (as a non-technical, but very heavy user) is that Windows 10 Mobile is completely solid on the 735. Which mirrors my own on the 640XL. And my son’s on his 435. And colleagues with 550s and 930s.

In fact the only complaint I’ve heard from a Windows 10 Mobile user is the same one I’ve made myself: the Lumia 930 microphone array problems preventing audio recording on the phone.

So whose experience of the Windows 10 Mobile experience more accurately reflects reality?


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