Goodbye Wifi Sense, Another Great Microsoft Idea Killed By Poor Implementation

When Windows 8 arrived, bringing Wifi Sense with it you could hear the howls of complaint far and wide - and with good reason. The basic concept of an easy way of sharing your Wifi with people you know is not bad, the way in which Microsoft implemented it was.
Like most people your various contact groups contain people that you know at different levels, some family, some friends and some acquaintances. Some you'd trust with access to your Wifi, others you most certainly wouldn't.
The problems with Wifi Sense was that you had no granular control over who was given access to your networks. All Facebook friends, all Skype contacts or all Outlook contacts.
It was even close to being an appropriate level of control.
All three services allow you to group your contacts in some method, and if Microsoft had used this capability to allow Windows users to define who did and who didn't get access to your Wifi I suspect the reception would have been completely difference.
I mean its not like Microsoft hasn't had plenty of experience with group based permissions, pretty much every enterprise authentication system is based on Windows Directory Services (AKA Active Directory) and groups are a key element in enabling role based access controls in this service.
Now, thanks to low usage, no doubt because of the dire - and mostly valid - warnings that Wifi Sense has been shrouded in since it first launched, Microsoft will be killing the service - already has done for Windows Insiders on the Fast Ring.
Another good idea bites the dust, not from any inherent failing but rather from a lack of care in its implementation. In the past it has been a defining difference between Apple and Microsoft. Microsoft has to make sure that it doesn't define its future too.


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