F1: Mad Max Verstappen, The Boy Done Good

If there has ever been a less surprising surprise win in F1 I don't know what it was. Max Verstappen's victory at the Spanish Grand Prix may have had an element of luck (the first lap collision that eliminated the two Mercedes) however it has always been a question of when, not if, Max would take his first win.
That the win came in his first race since switching teams between Toro Rosso and Red Bull, makes him the youngest F1 race winner in history and the first Dutch Grand Prix winner; are all just sidelines to the emergence of the finest young talent since Lewis Hamilton and Sebastien Vettel arrived on the scene on 2007 and 2008 respectively.
Given the quality of Max's driving, his desire to win and his long term contract with Red Bull two questions present themselves: can Max beat Michael Schumacher's all-time records and how long before Ferrari are able to prise him away from Red Bull's grasp?
The answer to the first is almost certainly and to the second I'd say sooner than you'd expect.


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