Does Anyone Still Actually Click A Trackpad?

Whilst acquainting myself with the updated, 2016 MacBook I found myself playing around with its Force Touch feature - which I have to say still leaves me completely cold - and its haptic feedback trackpad, another feature that I just don't understand.
I'm not sure at what point I stopped using physical buttons on a trackpad. Certainly the Dell Latitude which I used at the end of the last century supported 'tap clicks' on its Synaptics trackpad. I strongly suspect that there were machines before that one too. However for the sake of certainty I can say that I haven't clicked a physical trackpad button (or the trackpad itself once discrete buttons disappeared) in more than a decade and a half.
The exceptions are of course during the Apple setup process, when you are forced to click the trackpad to select, at least until you can get far enough through the setup to enable tapping.
Its such a pointless exercise and such an outdated action. A 'tap click' is smoother, quieter and requires much less effort on the part of the hand doing the clicking.
Which brings me back to the MacBook. Apple made a lot of noise about the trackpad feeling like it moved when it didn't when it launched the original last year. Its not been a topic of conversation this year but its still there. And it's still completely pointless.
A two fingered tap is an inherent part of the OS X user experience, so why would Apple be shunting people towards a physical click, rather than a single tap? Especially when it is having to go to some effort to simulate the whole thing anyway.
So, if you are the person who still clicks your trackpad, let me encourage you to 'tap click' instead. Maybe once we're all doing it we can ignore pointless haptic clicks and pointless hype?


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