BMW Introduces A New Extended Range i3

BMW has got serious skin in the EV game and its car with the broadest appeal in the EV market just picked up a serious upgrade to further increase its competitiveness.

BMW will now be fitting a larger, 94Ah battery, which will give the i3 a range of up to 180km - more than enough for day to day usage. Two versions will be available, with and without the dinky 2-cylinder petrol engine that can be used to extend the range by topping up the battery pack as it gets low.

Along with its i8 stablemate, the i3 forms probably the best looking and most accessible EV range on the market and the knowledge that you'll never be left stranded or suffering from range anxiety should be all that's necessary to further boost sales.

In my view the i3 is the car that Apple has to target if it's serious about entering the car market. It's an electric car which is usable for 100% of user journeys. That's an achievement that Apple must absolutely match.


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