Beware, The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Has One Fatal Flaw

The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is an amazing tablet. Thin and light with what I would suggest is the best screen on any tablet on the market today it has so much going for it. You would mistake it for an Android laptop until you fire it up and realise it's packing a full version on Windows 10, with all the capability that implies.

Really it makes the iPad Pro, MacBook and Android tablets look very, very ordinary, and Microsoft's Surface Pro look quite chunky.

However if you're thinking of buying one you should be aware that it has a massive design error, which might put you off dropping your credit card for one.

Samsung has included a keyboard case with the TabPro S, an absolute necessity in order to compete with the iPad Pro and Surface Pro. However the design of its case means that it is almost, but not quite, totally unusable.

Samsung's top of the line Android tablet - the Galaxy Tab S2 - has a brilliant cover arrangement which clips into the back of the tablet and creates a thin, light and very protective case with three usable positions.

For the TabPro S Samsung has chosen to use magnets to attach the cover to the tablet and they just aren't up to the job. Whenever you move the TabPro S to one of its two standing positions, or when you go to close it up, the case detaches from the tablet. Which means you're constantly fiddling with it to re-attach it, or worrying about it flopping down onto the table. Worse, if you're using it on your lap its a constant worry about whether its going to flop down and end up smashed on the floor.

Samsung needs to fix this design. Its completely ruins the experience of what is otherwise a phenomenal tablet that packs incredible amounts of capability into a thin and light package. The unit I tried may have been faulty or atypical, however if the TabPro S floats your boat (and if you love technology it surely will) be sure to try the keyboard cover setup on your lap and be sure that you can live with it.


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